Explanations Based on a Specific Business Transaction Law

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Legal Name

Danshi Technology Co., Ltd.

Email Address

Email: [email protected]

Return and Exchange Policy

1. Users choose the appropriate services based on their needs. Once a particular service is selected, it becomes binding for the user.
2. The services offered include paid services and trial services, the specifics of which are based on the published information. We may modify and change the fee standards and billing methods based on actual needs. Additionally, we may start charging for some services that are currently free.
3. The pricing and duration of our charged services are chosen freely by the customers.
4. Users should fully understand our features and application scenarios before payment. We offer a free trial version, and becoming a paid user implies that the purchaser recognizes the value of the product. Therefore, we do not provide refunds.
5. In case of disputes or issues with the order, please contact our live support or send an email to [email protected].

Delivery Time

For virtual goods, all features will be activated within 5 minutes after online payment.

Accepted Payment Methods

For virtual goods, the accepted online payment methods are: Alipay, USDT.

Payment Cycle

Users only need to pay for the package fee once. The corresponding features will be activated for the user based on the chosen package. The payment concludes upon the completion of the package purchase. Additional charges will only be incurred when upgrading or switching to a different package.