Privacy Policy

How WaiNiao Fingerprint Browser Collects Information

WaiNiao Browser might employ different methods to receive and collect your information:
1. Account Registration. When registering a WaiNiao browser account, the system will ask you to provide information so we can recognize you as the owner of a WaiNiao browser product, helping us to serve you better and relay necessary information.
2. Product Usage. When you visit our website or log into the WaiNiao browser client, we'll need adequate information to facilitate your actions. Our servers automatically collect and compile your visit information. This may include your WaiNiao browser account, visit IP, operating system, browser type, and more.
3. Customer Support. You can reach out to us via phone or communication channels like QQ, WeChat, Skype, Telegram, etc., to request product-related information, technical help, or provide us with personal or account details.

Promotions and Marketing Activities

If you decide to provide feedback to WaiNiao Browser or participate in promotional events, competitions, or surveys organized by WaiNiao Browser or its partners, we might request details like your name, age, phone number, email, or postal address.
If you agree to receive marketing info from WaiNiao Browser through email, text, or push notifications, we might use third-party tech providers to relay these messages. You can opt-out directly from the received marketing email.
If you submit your phone number or email on the app download page, we might send you a download link or promotional material via text or email for your convenience.
We'll only use this data to deliver the requested service, retaining it no longer than necessary. If you disagree with our data usage for these limited purposes, please refrain from sharing it.

Purpose of WaiNiao Browser Collecting Information

We use this information for legitimate business purposes, such as:
Providing subscription services.
Processing payments.
Notifying users about upgrades, service reminders, promotions, or other info they might find interesting.
Responding to user inquiries and continuously improving our website, products, and services based on feedback.
For IP localization and anti-fraud.
Identifying the owner of a user account, accurately tracking it, and assisting technicians in addressing potential issues.
We prioritize user data and privacy protection, never disclosing any info to third parties or selling user data without consent.
Understanding user interactions with our apps and services;
Enhancing, modifying, personalizing, or otherwise improving our apps and services;
Preventing security vulnerabilities and abuse.
In essence, this info aids in enhancing our products and services. We don't have practical methods to use this data to identify you personally. This usage data might be stored for up to three years.


If you visit our website, we might collect your IP address to help diagnose issues with our server and manage our site. IP addresses are used solely for this purpose, and website access logs might be retained for up to six months.

Usage of Cookies

We use cookies on our website for session management and to retain your preferences. We might also use third-party cookies for visitor statistics and measuring our marketing campaigns. If you wish to refuse third-party cookies, please configure your browser settings accordingly.

Child Privacy

We can't guarantee children won't access our site or use our apps without parental consent or notification. Hence, we ask children to involve their parents in the download process as per our end-user license agreement and encourage parents to read our privacy policy before allowing their children to use our apps and services.

International Transfers

When you are within the European Economic Area ("EEA"), the personal information collected about you may be transferred to or accessed remotely from outside the EEA, including potentially from countries not covered by the EEA. The European Commission decides to provide an adequate level of protection for personal info. We offer adequate protection for your personal data following legal requirements. Within the scope of applicable law, our business partners will obtain your valid consent for us to transmit your personal information to recipients outside the EEA, including WaiNiao Browser affiliates and any other recipients mentioned in this privacy policy. You reserve the right to revoke your consent at any time.

Personal Information Security

User information security is our top priority. We adopt stringent measures to shield our data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction. We've implemented physical, technological, and managerial security measures compliant with legal and industry standards for our services. For instance, we use firewalls, encryption technologies, and other automated software designed to prevent fraud and identity theft; our data is stored centrally, offering high levels of security. Our staff regulates physical access strictly with video monitoring and other electronic methods at perimeters and building entrances. We prioritize minimizing sensitive data stored on our servers. We also seek appropriate contractual protections from partners regarding user data processing.